Job Application Project

Project 1: Job Application Materials Find a job you want Begin your project by searching for a job or internship ad. Look for a real advertisement for a job that you might want and for which you might be qualified, now or after you have completed your degree. You may use an expired job ad if you like—it does not have to be currently open.

Résumé Write a functional (skills) résumé or a hybrid functional/chronological résumé for the purpose of applying for this job or internship.

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Job Application Project
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Your résumé should be one or two pages long and use attractive and balanced document design. You may disguise your personal information if you like. You may list your college degree with an expected graduation date, but do not claim to hold any degree or qualifications that you do not possess.

Professional Profile Do not include an objective statement on your résumé. While objective statements were once common, and even considered essential, trends in many fields have replaced the vague and generic objective statement with the more descriptive and dynamic Professional Profile. You can title this section “Professional Profile,” another relevant section title like “Skills and Achievements,” or you can give it a personal headline like “English Language Arts Teacher.” In addition to the examples in the textbook, a simple Google search of “professional profile resume” will return many examples you may find useful.


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