Jamestown colony

Watch: Nightmare in Jamestown, and study chapter 2 of America: A Narrative History. Then post a paragraph about the following events. In 1619, three events helped establish democracy and slavery as foundational institutions of U.S. history. Virginia established the House of Burgesses (our textbook calls it the ″General Assembly of Virginia″); Africans first arrived in the English colonies at Jamestown, and a shipload of ″ninety maidens″ were brought to Jamestown to be sold as wives to the settlers for 120 pounds of Monaco. For years historians applauded the establishment of the House of Burgesses as one of the seeds of American democracy. More recently, historians have pointed out that this early legislature had little power, its delegates were not democratically elected, and only the wealthiest settlers in colonial Virginia were represented there. Despite these limitations, historians generally agree that establishment of the House of Burgesses indicates a growing English acceptance of the principle of representative government. Questions: Is it possible to have a democratic society founded on inequality? Your answer should reflect your understanding of the video and provide a complete identification of the events of 1619 as they are discussed in the textbook. Use the textbook ISBN 9780393265941 and must content 9 footnotes.

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Jamestown colony
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