IT Security Decision Framework

For the case, Facebook follows the excel rubric and the multiple examples provided below. After that, the business model IT Security Decision Framework should be followed which is in chapter 13-7 slides

-Background content was well summarized and overall most students successfully described the context of the case in a concise manner.
-Students need to keep page limit requirements in mind when formatting their report.
-Remember to properly label each section and ensure your report is organized and would look presentable to your Manager. The four main sections and subtitles of this report should be: Background, Issues, Analysis and Recommendations.
-Please take a look at your saved pdf before submitting, there were a few instances where key recommendations or analyses were excluded from the report due to formatting issues.
-Consider downloading Grammarly which is a free application that checks your report for spelling and grammatical errors.

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IT Security Decision Framework
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-Most students successfully captured 3-5 primary issues described in the case.
-Make sure provide some detail so that your final recommendation clearly addresses the issue at hand. For example, instead of just stating that “Costs are too high”, provide context related to competitors along with the implications of Netflix’s pricing model.

– Your analysis should not just paraphrase the issues you have already outlined.
– If you use Porter’s 5 Forces, please elaborate on why you would consider each force high, medium or low. Make sure you are not contradicting yourself.
– Do not introduce new issues in the analysis and make sure you have incorporated the issues outlined in the previous section into your final analysis

-Final recommendations should be identified as Long-term or Short-term
-Be creative in your final recommendations, it is not sufficient for you to simply state the opposite of each issue. For example, many students claimed Netflix should “lower their costs” without indicating how they would lower costs or how they could supplement that lost revenue.
-Make sure your recommendations are realistic, specific, and actionable.


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