Irish Music

Irish  Music

We are looking at various types of persuasion, including posters, political cartoons, photographs, movies/TV, and music. The assignment is to find an example of ONE of these and analyze how it works. I would like you to write a 1-2-page essay on your choice as well as present your findings to the class through a presentation that includes the example itself. Each presentation should take about five minutes.
Some general questions to consider:

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Irish Music
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• What is the overall message of the artifact you’ve chosen?
• Are there words? How do they add to the message?
• What sorts of symbols are there that are open to interpretation?
• What qualities specific to the genre you’ve picked work to deliver the message?
• Do you think the message is effective, and why?
~ slides must include pictures
~the different instruments used
~why music is so important to those living in Ireland
~ be creative


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