Investigator Integrity

You learned about three cases of investigator or crime lab’s mishandling of evidence:
-“Crime-Scene Investigator Made Errors in 65 Cases” (ABC13 Eyewitness News)
-2 additional cases you found through your research.


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Investigator Integrity
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Research two additional cases involving a criminal investigator or crime lab’s mishandling of evidence. You may select cases from and/or OR locate your own.
Refer to these 4 cases as you complete the assignment below.

In your own words, summarize each case, then answer the following questions about it:

1.) What were the responsibilities of the investigator or lab scientist in these cases?
2.) What did they do to mishandle evidence? How did the mishandling of evidence affect the cases in question?
3.) Were other cases affected as well? Explain.
4.) What was the final outcome of each case and what happened to the investigator or lab scientist?
5.) What, if any, criminal or civil liability is, or could be, attached for these actions?

In your conclusion, compare and contrast these cases in a summary paragraph. Then, reflect: What is your personal opinion about these cases?


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