Investigating Wireless Networks and Devices 

Name of course: Digital forensics: Investigating wireless networks and devices

please find a topic of that relates to the course

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Investigating Wireless Networks and Devices 
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Submission Instructions: You are required to write a 4 -page research paper on a topic of your choosing, related to the course concepts  It must include a detailed outline of topics and subtopics, as well as an annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography must include at least three of the references you will use in your paper,

Which justification for punishment do you favor: retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation, reintegration, or a combination? Explain why.

Throughout the history of corrections, what types of punishments tend to be used for which types of crimes? How did early philosophers such as Howard, Bentham, Beccaria, and Penn influence the use of punishment?

 Assignments must be between 300-400 words, in a standard 12 pt font. If citations are used, APA style should be implemented.


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