Introduction to Surveying

Assignment 2 – 30 Marks
Assignment in Context
You are a Register Surveyor providing services within the ACT and NSW.
A private client, Mr and Mrs Charles Eugene-Farley has engaged you to complete a
due diligence report in relation into their proposed new residence located in Bonner
Your client has issued to you with a handful of Architectural drawings which is basis
of your contracted services.
Accordingly you will develop a comprehensive due diligence checklist that could
include but not limited to pre-purchase, existing site conditions, site development,
land surveying and town planning, pre-construction in context with the proposed
Presentation this in a table format covering the key aspects and investigation
N.B. Yes/ No answers will be accepted!
You are required to describe the issues identified and provide recommended
Assignment 2 – (Individual):

 Research widely all relevant sources of materials.
 All reference materials are to be clearly identified.
 The inclusion of personal insight and analysis is highly encouraged to develop highquality
 Comprehensive bibliography to be included at the end of your report.
 Late submissions: unless otherwise approved prior to due date, will receive a 5%
deduction per calendar day, as per unit outline.
 Late assignments will not be accepted after the marks have been returned to
 Feedback on the assessment item will be provided to each student typically within 3
weeks after the due date or submitted date.

 Assignments will not be returned.
 All responses should be well structured, referenced and clearly written. Diagrams, details and drawings should be included, where they illustrate your written response.
 The University of Canberra’s academic Harvard referencing standards shall apply to in-text referencing and the bibliography.
Submission Formatting
All assignments are to be accompanied by the relevant individual or group assignment cover sheet.
All sources must be referenced appropriately, and all figures and tables must be numbered, titled and integrated into the body of the report.
Assignment 1 will be formatted as follows:
 Submission format A4 written format.
 Title / Cover page with your name and student number.
 Page to be table of contents with all pages numbered.
 Each and Heading and Subheading to be numbered.
 Main heading – Arial 14
 Sub heading – Arial 12
 Main text – Arial 11
 1.5 line spacing
 No indentation
 Paragraphs separated by two returns
 Illustrations / Photographs to be contained within body of text
Word Count:
 1200 to 1500 words (excluding table and graphs)
Assignment Weighting
 30% of the total mark

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