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For this assignment you only need to watch the video lecture and answer the questions Reminders: Don’t forget to cite evidence (timestamp) of where you derive your response, and to provide an explanation in your own words. Specific examples are very helpful and are a great way to ensure you answer the question fully.


Tip: The point of your responses is that you provide me with a sample of your understanding of the major lessons I would like you to take away from this course. Thus, if you find that the response you provide does not go beyond a direct quote from the lecture video, try giving an original example to demonstrate your understanding, as well as to strengthen your explanation.


Reminder: all answers should be derived from your course content materials. These discussion questions are derived from the Nietzsche video.


1) For Nietzsche, what was the definite practical purpose of philosophy? The emergence of what? Explain.


2) Who did Nietzcshe write for? What sort of person was this?



3) What is the purpose “herd morality” serves, and what does it maintain? Explain.


4) What are the sort of questions the higher man must ponder in order to achieve greatness in life?



5) What are Nietzsche’s thoughts on suffering? Explain.


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