Introduction To Air Transportation

• Reply to the following questions, provide reference to your reply such as book articles web site, and others.

• Use the class textbook or any other supportive literature in reply to these questions.

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Introduction To Air Transportation
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• You are also required to reply to viva verbal question on the questions and any associated information that was part of the classwork.

• Reply to 20 out of 30 of these questions. Mention a number of the question when replying that question.

• Reply to all below questions individually with your own language.




1. Explain the role of Omani CAA in managing and regulating of the civil air transport in Oman. Explain the mechanism used to achieve this objective.

2. Airlines Management and Organization such as Corporate structure, management functional, organization chart. Explain the role of the management of air transportation organization in managing and overcome organizational challenges?

3. Talk about ICAO, its history, its objectives, and the methods it uses in harmonization of the civil aviation safety and standards globally.

4. Explain how the low budget/low coat airlines operates and what type of approach the follow in managing the cost and ensure profit. You may take an example of one of the airlines in your explanation.

5. Flights Approvals/Authorization by the Civil Aviation authorities as per the laws and regulations. Explain how this may be accomplished in case of Oman? Investigate on the process and regulation point of view.

6. Explain the principle followed for airlines Scheduling for schedule airlines, NonSchedule airlines?

7. In Air Transport, the production of new aircraft such as Boeing 737 Max is accomplished by adhering of specific the air civil aviation regulations. Which of the state of manufacturers does the production of B737 Max follows? What is the name of the authority? Name the regulation number used for design and production of this aircraft? Also state the regulations that contain the production standards specifications and operational equipment specifications required for this aircraft for airline commercial operations.

8. What is an aircraft? What is airplane? What is a helicopter? Is a helicopter considered an airplane?

9. Explain in brief that freedom of air transport that were issued by ICAO? How many are approved by ICAO? How they’re contributing to the harmonization of air transport between countries.

10. Talk about IATA. When was it found originally? When was it empowered? What is its role in improving the relationship between airlines and between airlines and the consumers or passengers?




11. What are the regulatory and guiding material issued by the Omani CAA?

13. Talk about the economic and Social benefit of the Air Transportation Industry.

14. What is the advantage and disadvantage of air cargo transport in comparison to other forms of transportation?

15. In Air Cargo Operations. Explain about the three common types of cargo airlines? What is advantage of the cargo integrator airline over other types?

16. Explain about two civil airlines in Oman? Type of operation, their formation and history, type of aircraft and their network destinations?

17. In the former Oman Aviation Group. Which unit or business unit responsible for airport ground handling? Air Catering and Air cargo.

18. Talk about four airplane manufactures? Their location and Basic Regulation followed in aircraft production by these manufacturers?

19. Talk about four engine manufactures? Their location and basic country Civil Regulation followed in engine production by these manufactures?

20. In case of accident investigation of a helicopter crush. Which the main responsible body for this investigation. In case of Oman? In case of the USA? In Case of the UK. (Mention the main agency responsible of this investigation).





21. In Helicopter Manufacturing, give example one manufacturer in USA and another in Europe? What are the main regulatory bodies followed by these manufactures?

22. What ICAO annex concerning accident investigation and the one responsible for the safety Management System (SMS). 23. Are civil aircraft registered? Do they hold registration marks ? If yes , please give example of the following sates registration marks. The biggening of the registration markings? For Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia , USA, UK, Malaysia and Bahrain.

24. If are an owner of aircraft in Oman What CAR you are going to follow in relation to the following? Aircraft Registration markings and registration requirements. Civil Commercial airplane operation regulation?

25. What are the two governmental organizations or agencies that you must approach to register the radio communication and navigation to be used in a civil aircraft?

26. What are the IATA Airport Codes for the following Airports? Muscat, Dubai, London Heathrow, New York J F Kennedy, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Kuwait and Singapore Changi Airport.

27. What are the IATA Airlines codes for the following Airlines? Oman Air , Emirates , Japan Airlines, Qatar Airways , Saudi Airlines, British Airways , Qantas Australia Airlines , America Airlines , Lufthansa and the LOT Polish Airlines?

28. What is code sharing in IATA? What is advantage of code sharing to the industry?

29. What are the document or certification followed in production of the following air transport equipment? A new aircraft, new engines, new avionics equipment and new Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).

30. Can any civil airplane cross another country airspace without a permission of that country? What is the reference of ICAO literature or documents explain this requirement?


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