Intranet for Staff

Create an intranet for all personnel with updates and employee surveys. Post

staff responsibilities during a crisis, the staff E-Newsletter, and daily or weekly announcements.

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Intranet for Staff
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Consider posting monthly podcast messages for employees.

Telephone Messaging Systems. Broadcast important crisis information updates or district

reminders from the superintendent or principal through the district’s phone messaging system.

Caution: Verify facts and send only need-to-know information before transmitting crisis

communication messages.

Encourage teachers to contribute monthly grade-level or department reports for a

newsletter to update the rest of the staff on curriculum items and to pass on successful teaching


Faculty/staff handbooks should include information about school and district policies,

insurance and disability, absences and leaves, school philosophy, curriculum, staff conduct,

retirement, grievances and complaints, evaluations, records, professional growth, and salaries.

Consider a school supplement to the district’s handbook that will cover any relevant local school

issues or policies.


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