Intimate partner violence is a gendered crime

Psychology 1350 words


“With reference to appropriate empirical research evidence, critically discuss the extent to which intimate partner violence is a gendered crime.”

Identify key words/phrases:

Appropriate empirical research evidence

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Intimate partner violence is a gendered crime
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Critically discuss

Intimate partner violence is a gendered crime

Journal Articles

Home Office Statistical Bulletins / Reports

Ministry of Justice Reports

Identify appropriate psychological and criminological theory & research literature which you can utilise to form your line of argument.

Font: Arial, size 12, double spaced

Pages numbered

Paragraphs should be appropriate size.

Clearly differentiate when using a new paragraph (i.e. indent with a tab).

Only start a new paragraph when you start a new topic/line of argument.

Avoid overly long or overly short paragraphs.

Avoid single sentence paragraphs.

References: minimum 15 recent only from 2010 onwards

Answers the question

Develop a clear and sound argument

Provide supporting evidence for the arguments made

Demonstrate an informed selection of appropriate information, theories and issues

Show relationships between different and sometimes conflicting information, theories and  issues

Illustrate an understanding of the subject by commenting on other people’s ideas and views, and ‘pulling them together’

Use appropriate evidence and relevant examples

Show reflection and thought

Draw conclusions without simply repeating material

Write well-structured essay and give consideration to ‘the reader’


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