Interventions Assignment Instructions

EDSP 622

Case Study: Interventions Assignment Instructions

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Interventions Assignment Instructions
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For Case Study: Interventions, you will use the case study report, the miscue analysis, and the data to create two research-based interventions for the case study student, based on the data from the descriptions and graph. For Case Study: Interventions and Case Study: Teacher Recommendations, you will only use the graph that identifies the case study student as not responding to the interventions and not meeting expectations. Every question will pertain to this graph. Case Study: Interventions is a written narrative about your recommended interventions, supported by “best practices” in professional journals of education. Choose a minimum of 2 articles from professional journals of education (scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles only) in addition to the course texts. Format the paper in current APA. The content of the paper must be 3–4 pages. In addition to the content, make sure to include a title and reference page.


The following questions are guides for the narrative portion of the case study and should be written out directly as subheadings in your paper.

· What are the student’s weaknesses in reading as identified from the case study?

· What are the student’s weaknesses in reading as identified from the graph?

· How do these data correlate?

· How do the following compoments—phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension—contribute to Ethan’s struggles in reading?

· Using all data, what intervention stratgies in reading could be used to improve Ethan’s specific weaknesses in reading for a middle school student? Include two evidence-based intervention strategies for the reading components, phonics and fluency. Make sure the intervention strategies are age appropriate.

· What type of evidence-based program (corrective reading program) could be used for Ethan that supports interventions which include all of the foundational components of reading?

· How could the parent be involved with the interventions?

· What assessment(s) could be used to progress monitor the reading progress of this student?

For all of the questions, use scholarly research and the class texts to support your answers. Include the questions in the organization of your paper.


Note: this assignment will be checked for originality using a plagiarism detection tool.





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