Intersectional Bias

In an essay of between 500 and 1000 words, identify and explain two to three of the challenges that intersectional women face that resonated the most with you. Identify an initiative already in place in your organization (or for which you would advocate) to rectify the dilemma. Provide your answers to the following questions in your essay:

  • What personal experience, if any, have you had with intersectional bias as a result of your gender and other identifiers that fuel discrimination (religion, race, ability, sexual orientation, etc.)? If you have not personally experienced intersectional bias, use an example from a colleague, friend, family member, other associate, or public figure who has.
  • What two or three challenges present themselves to you (or to the woman in your example) as a result of intersectionality? Please be precise in identifying these challenges, providing a specific example or two that illustrate the unique difficulties.
  • What practices, if any, has your company put into place to eliminate this type of bias (changing recruiting and hiring guidelines, taking a different approach to evaluations and promotions, etc.)? This week’s readings and resources provide numerous recommendations for organizational action to alleviate intersectional bias; review them to spark your thinking.
  • Identify one initiative that you recommend for rectifying the injustice. Be specific:
    • Provide a detailed description of your idea.
    • Note why this initiative could be important.
    • Briefly describe how it might be implemented.
    • Identify what impact(s) you believe it can have.


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Intersectional Bias
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