You are to read J. J. M. Roberts’ article “Isaiah in Old Testament Theology,” and then you are to write a 1200-word (minimum) essay on the theological message of Isaiah.  In the opening paragraph, you are to give a brief explanation of your understanding of the theological message of Isaiah, including a 1-sentence highlighted summary statement of the message of the book.

In the remainder of the essay, you are to highlight 4–5 key theological themes from the book of Isaiah and to explain and develop each of these themes. Use a separate heading for each theme and discuss key texts in the book of Isaiah that reflect these themes. You must also show how each of these themes connects to your understanding of the central message of the book. This paper is, in essence, your attempt to summarize and explain the major themes in the book of Isaiah.

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You are to use a minimum of 5 reference sources appropriate for graduate-level research (and these can include your course texts and the Roberts’ article). You are encouraged to look at other explanations of the theology of Isaiah, but this essay needs to consist primarily of your original work and development of the message of Isaiah. Keep quotes of both outside sources and the biblical text to a bare minimum and properly footnote sources that you quote or cite. Biblical references must be placed in parentheses within the body of the paper and must not be footnoted. At the end of your paper, provide a bibliography of the sources used for your paper.

The paper must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins all around and must be written in 12-point Times New Roman font. The paper must reflect grammar, style, and spelling appropriate for graduate-level work.


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