International Marketing Management

Research Paper Proposal
Title the Research Paper: the relevance and effectiveness of mobile phones in delivering personalised marketing services.
Table of Contents
Pre-word and acknowledgements
Background (2 paragraphs of 6 to 8 lines each)
Research Gap (2 or 3 paragraphs of 6 to 8 lines each)
Research Questions (1 or 2 paragraphs including all the research questions)
Research Objectives (list of the objectives in “bullet point sentences”)
Research Method (This and the background sections will be the longest sections of the proposal). It should detail precisely how to go about achieving your research objectives. It will also justify your choice of method in the light of those objectives.
These two aims may be met by dividing your method into two parts: research design and data collection.
In the part on research design you will explain where you intend to carry out the research. In this section you should also include an explanation of the general way in which you intend to carry out the research. For example if it will be based on questionnaires, interviews, examination of secondary data or a combination of collection techniques. The research design section gives an overall view of the method chosen and the reason for that choice.

The data collection section goes into much more detail in specifying how the data will be collected. For example, if you are using a survey strategy you should specify your population and sample size. You should also clarify how the survey instrument such as a questionnaire will be distributed and how the data will be analyzed. If you are using interviews you should explain how many interviews will be conducted, whether they will be audio-recorded, and how they will be analyzed.
(Typically, research papers should have a title, author name and affiliation, abstract, keywords, introduction, multiple sections of literature review and literature analysis, conclusion, and references. You may model your research paper after any good literature review based paper that might have appeared in a well-known scientific journal – such as journal of marketing or journal of consumer research. The references must be current and your thoughts must be supported by current real life examples).

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