International Financial Management

Module Title International Financial Management Level 7
Title of Assignment Assignment 2
Weighting within the
Learning Outcomes
to be assessed
(from module spec.)

  1. To examine the impact of such factors as exchange rates, inflation rates
    and interest rates on the performance of firms and to assess their
    significance in decision making in an international market/global context
  2. To critically evaluate principles and practices guiding financial
    management of the multinational enterprise
  3. To explore factors that differentiate multinational from domestic
    financial management
  4. To devise a risk management strategy to measure and hedge against
    variation in global financial market prices including financial crises
  5. To prepare students for the high risk high return environment of
    international finance
    Details of the task
    As specified
    Assessment criteria
    Level 7
    Outstanding 90-­100%
    Excellent 80-­89%
    Very good 70-­79%
    Good 60-­69%
    Satisfactory 50-­59%
    Unsatisfactory 40-­49%
    Inadequate 30-­39%
    Poor 20-­29%
    Very poor 10-­19%
    Extremely poor 0-­9%

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