Intermountain Healthcare Presentation

Part IV: Intermountain Healthcare Presentation

Read the case study “Intermountain Healthcare,” pages 161–173, from Healthcare Marketing: A Case Study Approach (Cellucci, Wiggens, & Farnsworth, 2014).

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Intermountain Healthcare Presentation
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You are the new director of marketing for Intermountain Healthcare and are working with the entire marketing department to update the organization’s marketing plan. To kick off the project, you have been tasked with presenting an overview and analysis of Intermountain’s current marketing operations and opportunities.

Create a 6 to 8-slide presentation with extensive notes for an internal retreat with the Intermountain marketing department.

1. Illustrate Intermountain’s engagement with each of its customers (patients, the public, physicians, and payers) in pursuit of its organizational mission and vision.

2. Illustrate Intermountain’s three most significant strategic advantages. Explain how they could be utilized in the new marketing plan to advance the organization’s mission.


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