Intercultural Communication


Choose a country of your choice (not the US)

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Intercultural Communication
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  • Memo Format Email – An example is Chapter2StudentExample.pdf
  • Must be submitted as a single PDF file
  • 3/4 to 1 full-page for the final draft, 2 pages turned in, see next line
    • Draft on the top page, 3 internet sources on the bottom page.
  • APA format for the 3 internet sources
  • Additional content and requirements discussed in class and in the book
  • Overview:Research international communication and write an advice memo.
    1. You will take the view that your company is opening a new international division in your chosen country. You are sending a couple of managers, and you need to communicate to the managers the cultural differences of conducting business between that country and the United States.
    2. First, using Geert Hofstede’s cultural values, learn how the country you chose differs from the United States. Next, research items such as verbal and non-verbal communication, customs, business practices, and other related items that will help you explain the differences in conducting international business. Using all the information you have researched, produce a professional business document contrasting the cultural differences of conducting business in your chosen country to the United States. Very briefly mention and explain two of Geert Hofstede’s cultural values that are different from the US. The rest of the document should give advice for specific business customs that are different from the US, and this should take up most of the paper. Use bullets to help make it more clear and concise. Do not mention any similarities in conducting business, only differences. This document will be formatted as a memo format e-mail and be 3/4 to one full page.





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