Integrating The Humanities Profile

Integrating The Humanities Profile

The Museum Project Part 2: Creating the Project

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Integrating The Humanities Profile
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After you have received feedback on your proposal (Part 1), you will create your research paper or presentation.


  • If you choose to write a research paper, it should be approximately 5 pages long (approximately 1250 words), not counting the Works Cited page.
  • If you choose to create a presentation it must contain approximately 8 minutes of content.
    • You may submit a research paper or presentation with a written narrative
  • The presentation or research paper must have 3-5 scholarly sources and contain at least four artistic examples
    • The sources must come from the BC Online Library, its databases or a museum website.
    • The narrative must provide citations for quoted or summarized materials.
  • If you are speaking your narrative, be sure to indicate when you’re quoting or summarizing someone else’s ideas. Also indicate whom you are referencing.
  • If you choose to write a research paper or type your narrative instead of recording it, remember
    • It needs to be submitted as a separate Word document
    • It must include appropriate citations
  • Create a Works Cited slide or Works Cited Page, indicating the citations for the images as well as the 3-5 research sources you’ve used
  • If you choose to create a presentation remember that the PowerPoint is a presentation.
  • PowerPoint slides should not contain long selections of text.
  • The slides should contain clear images, the image citation, and perhaps one or two short phrases to highlight a point
  • Here’s a helpful video:


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