Installing PostgreSQL and Querying Data

Follow the instructions below for this Lab Activity. The data you will need to use is linked below. Once completed, upload the appropriate deliverable(s) to the corresponding assignments submission folder for this activity.


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Installing PostgreSQL and Querying Data
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Compile a Word document with the following screenshots:

· a successful install of PostgreSQL

· a successful load for the dvdrental database

· a successful use of the SELECT DISTINCT command

A print out of your unlocked achievements in Microsoft. These can be found under your Profile > Achievements.


Part 1 – Getting started with SQL Using PostgreSQL


For the first few modules we will look at building a relational database and learning SQL. These are both important areas of knowledge in the scheme of data warehousing.


These tutorials cover how to complete the task using both a terminal shell and a browser-based user interface. You are welcome to work through either version or both.


For troubleshooting, please check out the recordings posted for how to work through each tutorial below.



· Read about PostgreSQL here:

· Download and install PostgreSQL:

· Connect to a PostgreSQL Database Server:

· Download the PostgreSQL Sample Database:

· Load PostgreSQL Sample Database:

· Complete the PostgreSQL SELECT tutorial:

· Complete the PostgreSQL ORDER BY tutorial:

· Complete the PostgreSQL SELECT DISTINCT tutorial:




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