Innovative Portable Gaming System

Your company has come up with an innovative portable gaming system called RP-1. Advancements in virtual reality (VR) make the RP-1 a “game changer.” Initial release is planned in the U.S. with upside potential for international sales in the future. Manufacturing complexity is similar to that of other portable electronic devices such as phones, tablets, or the Nintendo Switch. You are looking to start full-scale commercial manufacturing within the next 12-18 months, in either the U.S. or the Philippines.

1) Examine competitive dimensions and the notion of trade-offs. What is your strategic position for the RP-1?

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Innovative Portable Gaming System
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2) Determine the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing production to the Philippines.

3) What is your recommendation: produce in the U.S. or the Philippines? Tie your recommendation back to your assessment of questions 1 – 2, and explain any other assumptions or risks associated with your recommendation.

Your submission should be approximately one page (single spaced) with a substantial response to each question. Online research is encouraged, and be sure to demonstrate your understanding of related course content in your response.


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