Innovation Department Intern

Scenario and activity

You are going to apply to work as an Innovation Department Intern at ”Bigbelly” – a world leader of smart waste & recycling solutions for public spaces.

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Innovation Department Intern
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You will be invited to an internship interview – at (Bigbelly)- where you will have the opportunity to reveal your understanding of innovation by demonstrating the following aspect of the subject area:

1.0: Explain the context for innovation and determine the difference between invention and innovation

1.1: Innovation vs invention:

  1. Definition of innovation and commercialization, taking into consideration the challenges this creates for small businesses. Use examples and picture to support your answer.
  • Definition of invention and how invention is created. Use examples and picture to support your answer.
  • Turning invention into innovation and sources of innovation

1.2: Innovation management:

a) Creating a structure and culture of innovation; getting the organization to know the difference between invention and innovation.

        b) Explain how organizational vision, leadership, culture and teamwork can shape innovative ideas.

2.0 Explain the different types of innovation

2.1: Processing different types of innovation:

  1. The use of the innovation funnel to manage new solution/idea development.
  • Overview of the different types of innovation with a focus on disruptive and incremental innovation, and exploring pros and cons of each approach.
  • The 4Ps and innovation space strategy. When explaining the use of the innovation funnel use examples relating to an organization of your choice to support your answer  
  • The development of frugal innovation in response to necessity vs market driven innovation. Ensure you develop your answer to include examples of frugal innovation within an organization/s of your choice.
  • Analyze and apply the innovation funnel in an organizational context of your choice. Within your answer demonstrate how your organization uses the innovation funnel.

3.0: Discuss the process required to commercialize innovation

3.1: Commercialization of innovation:

  1. Adopting the New Product Development (NPD) and commercialization funnel to drive new products to market; building the Innovation Business Case, in market testing and iteration routes to market and market launch.

3.2: Planning innovation:

  1. The impact of advanced technology and information management on research, testing and developments methods.
  • Consideration of big data and cognitive systems to predict behaviors and future trends, social media and constructing multimedia platforms for promotion and distribution.

3.3: Accessing funding and resources:

  1. The reasons why an organization would want to access funding (e.g. product development, marketing) and the different types of funding sources available.
  • Consideration of resources a small business may require to commercialize their offering (e.g. office space, etc.)

4.0: Evaluate the range of methods for protecting ideas and understand  their advantages and disadvantages

4.1: Intellectual property:

  1. The definition of intellectual property (IP).
  • Exploiting knowledge and intellectual property rights.
  • Overview of key IP tools including copyrights, trademarks, design rights and patents. The role of branding in protecting the innovation and the limitations of IP in an international context.
  • The implications of growth of open source and open innovation platforms upon IP.


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