Innovation and service development in practice

On completion of this unit students should be able to:
1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding: Critical awareness of contemporary policy and practice issues within the human services

2. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities: Scrutinise and synthesise the knowledge and the experience gained on the unit in the form of a project proposal that will meet the needs of vulnerable service users and reflect the complex reality of the human services today.

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Innovation and service development in practice
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You are required to produce an audit of need in an area of service provision of your choice. We use the word ‘audit’ here because it is commonly used in planning and designing services to meet specific needs. An audit of need sums up the way you need to take account of a range of factors to make services effective.

This assignment is the first stage in developing a proposal (Assignment 2) as a response to the needs identified in Assignment 1.


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