Innovation and Change

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Innovation and Change
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Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum,

Innovation and change are core themes for successful businesses. Transformational leaders are always on the lookout for improvement opportunities and innovation they can use to propel their people and their businesses to the next level. These leaders are also adept at partnering with their peers in these endeavors.

As an innovator and leader of change at DargeanGrix, you know your day is not done with the delivery of your proposal on video conferencing to senior management like you completed in your Week 4 – Discussion Forum. Think about what the next strategic opportunities are at DargeanGrix. Consider what your customers want, and your employees need to serve your clients. Some examples that might have promising solutions could be things enhancing the efficiency of employees in the way they do their work, promoting greater support of the client base through new or improved communication methods, and making the business more effective in one or more of its core business operations such as finance, human resources, and IT. Consider which peers at DargeanGrix you should partner with to accomplish the improvements and changes.

In this discussion forum,

  • Describe two additional possibilities for integrating streamlined changes or technology into DargeanGrix’s business processes.
  • Explain the goals for your suggestions.
  • Explain which colleagues you would partner with to accomplish your goals.



Week 4 db


As the current IT operations manager for DargeanGrix, it is evident that the video conferencing facilities are facing numerous challenges that are directly affecting the company’s goals. In other words, the current video conferencing system is limiting the company in providing services to its consumer base. The notion is supported by the current use of various technologies, which present compatibility issues. The equipment variations result in poor quality and time wastage as most of the time it is being troubleshot. Moreover, the equipment maintenance is expensive, further impacting the company’s overall profit revenue considering the consumers and employees complain of sudden dropouts, delays, and poor video and audio quality. The result is the increased travel costs to mitigate the issues presented by the video conferencing equipment. However, a proposed solution is outsourcing the service to SeausNow Video Conferencing, Ltd.

The proposed solution to the problem is based on the company’s reputation and access to quality hardware and software, which would benefit the company. In other words, outsourcing the videoconferencing services and systems can allow the company to reduce its travel expenditure. The company has the needed expertise to address any issues presented by the system compared to the IT department in DargeanGrix. Thus, by endorsing the approach as the IT operations manager, the company will benefit since the employees and consumers would be satisfied with the experience.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Strategy

From a personal perspective, the strategy is beneficial in all aspects for the company. The notion is supported by Ali et al. (2018), who states that outsourcing services present companies with opportunities. Among the first identified benefits are reduced operational costs; outsourcing services to other companies such as videoconferencing to SeausNow Video Conferencing, Ltd. allows the company to reduce its expenditure. The argument is based on the fact that the same service will be provided with better quality and support but at a lower cost compared to the current state (Pankowska, 2019). Secondly, the video conferencing service is expected to be of higher quality considering the outsourced company’s primary focus is handling, operating, and maintaining the system (Pankowska, 2019).

Though the strategy offers DargeanGrix the opportunity to augment its service delivery to consumers, it presents internal problems as some employees may resist the changes. The negative perception of outsourcing creates job uncertainty which can impact employee morale within the IT department (Pankowska, 2019). Additionally, SeausNow Video Conferencing, Ltd. may present legal compliance and security issues that may impact the company as a critical aspect of the company’s functionality is outsourced.

Solution to the Risks

           As the IT operations manager, it is critical to address job insecurity as it may hinder optimal employee operations, further affecting other organizational systems. Thus, it would be necessary to interact with the Human Resources manager to develop training programs that would allow the repurposing of the employees handling the Video conferencing systems (Pankowska, 2019). Finally, compliance and legal issues can also impact the company’s reputation. Thus, it would be critical to ensure that legal and security mandates are agreed upon and enforced between SeausNow Video Conferencing, Ltd. and DargeanGrix. The formal agreement is to protect the company and its employees.




Ali, S., Hongqi, L., & Abrar, M. (2018). Systematic Literature Review of Critical Barriers to Software Outsourcing Partnership. 2018 5Th International Multi-Topic ICT Conference (IMTIC) (Links to an external site.)

Pankowska, M. (2019). Information Technology Outsourcing Chain: Literature Review and Implications for Development of Distributed Coordination. Sustainability11(5), 1460.




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