Initiation and Planning

Phase I: Initiation and Planning


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Initiation and Planning
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One of the several job requirements of the health informatics professionals is to undertake health information technology (HIT) projects, like implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR). You have been hired as Health Informatics Manager by UMGC Healthcare , a local medium-sized healthcare organization. Your supervisor told you that they were still using the paper form of medical record but had decided to go digital through the implementation of EHR and told you that you would act as the Project Manager (PM). Thus, your assignment is to implement the EHR and transition the organization from paper-based medical record to electronic health information stage. He also told you that the EHR project will be implemented in three phases:

Phase I – Initiation and Planning


The three phases of the project would be implemented in three courses. Phase 1 in HIMS 650, Phase 2 in HIMS 661, and Phase 3 in HIMS 670 – capstone course.

Thus, in this course (HIMS 650), you will complete Phase 1 (Initiation and Planning) of the project in the following five steps:

1. Description of the existing paper-based medical record system.

2. Development of the Project Charter.

3. EHR implementation plan (projects tasks with completion dates, project milestones) using a project management tool (e.g., Microsoft Excel).

4. Required resources: human resources, finances, Project Management software.

5. Change management plan (users’ training, data transformation, communication)

EHR Project Implementation Steps

Step 1: Description of the existing paper-based medical record system:

You supervisor asked you to record the present paper-based medical system and list at least five advantages of the EHR-based health information as justification for the transition. Your assignment should comprise 3-5 APA formatted pages excluding the Cover and Reference pages.

Your supervisor also recommended you the following resources to consult.

Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles and Practice. 6th Ed: Chapter 26 – Project Management; pgs. 845-880.

Benefits of Electronic Health Record

Project Planning for Beginners.

A Primer on Project Management in Healthcare.

How to implement EHR

What information the EHR contains

EMR vs EHR Differences 

Basic Project Management 101.

Project Scope.

What is a Project Scope

A Primer on Project Management for Health Care


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