Informational Interview

An informational interview can be a great way to expand your professional network and learn more about a particular career.


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Informational Interview
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For this assignment, please choose a person working in a position that you would like to have someday and schedule an interview. Be strategic! You might interview your supervisor to get to know him/her better, your supervisor’s superior, or someone else at your organization whose role interests you.

Contact the individual you are interested in interviewing and inform them that the informational interview assignment is part of your participation in MTSU’s Internship Program. Request a 30-minute in-person informational interview at a time convenient for them. Dress and act professionally. The questions that are provided below are a guide. You may modify and/or ask different questions based on what you want to learn. Follow up with a short thank you note within a day or two after your interview. Keep the interview information for future reference because the contact may be important for you later.


After the interview, write a 1-2 page paper that addresses:

· Who did you meet and why?

· What is his/her job?

· What are the topics that you discussed?

· What did you learn from the interview assignment?













BUAD/MGMT 4950 – Informational Interview Questions


1. Describe the main responsibilities of your position.



2. What is most satisfying about your job and why?


3. What is least satisfying about your job and why?


4. How did you decide to get into this field?


5. What type of training and education have you attained? Has this helped you in this field, if not, what has?


6. What recommendations do you have for someone wanting to enter or progress in this field?


7. What skills and personal qualities are important for success in your field?


8. What do you do during a typical work day?


9. What are the opportunities for promotion or advancement?


10. Is this field expanding and/or developing into new directions? Please explain how.


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