Information Technology in the Classroom

Face-to-face classrooms, with the reputation of having a one-way direction of communication through lectures, can be greatly enhanced through the addition of IT. Though lecture is still an efficient way of delivering information to a larger group, going a step further—perhaps by adding an audience response system (ARS), a video, a writeable tablet device with an outline provided, or a PowerPoint presentation—may benefit students. The classroom, as well as the student, of today is very different than those from 20 or even 10 years ago, but so is healthcare, and nurse educators must rise to the challenge. Realistically, not all nurse educators are likely to pursue the use of new technologies in their classrooms. There is, now more than ever, a need for nurse educators who are creative, innovative, and who welcome the challenges of trying new technological teaching methods. Every nurse educator can use teaching methods that not only encourage learning, but also give the student the unique opportunity to be able to generate personal learning, rather than to simply sit and absorb content from faculty. The integration of information technology into the realm of nursing education allows the student the opportunity to hypothesize, problem-solve, learn the art of collaboration and respectful debate, associate the integration of nursing theory with professional nursing practice, and become an active participant in the way they learn

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Information Technology in the Classroom
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