Information Shared With Others

Subordinates Counselors make every effort to ensure that privacy and confidentiality of clients are maintained by subordi- nates, including employees, supervisees, students, clerical assistants, and volunteers.

Interdisciplinary Teams When services provided to the client involve participation by an interdisci- plinary or treatment team, the client will be informed of the team’s existence and composition, information being shared, and the purposes of sharing such information.

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Information Shared With Others
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Confidential Settings Counselors discuss confidential infor- mation only in settings in which they can reasonably ensure client privacy.

Third-Party Payers Counselors disclose information to third-party payers only when clients have authorized such disclosure.

Transmitting Confidential Information

Counselors take precautions to ensure the confidentiality of all information transmitted through the use of any medium.

Deceased Clients Counselors protect the confidentiality of deceased clients, consistent with le- gal requirements and the documented preferences of the client.


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