Information Security Technologies

You will be required towrite a report/Labto demonstrate advanced knowledge in a recent information security technology.
Project type
Lab or Procedure:Develop a step-by-steptutorial/procedure with all required materialsto teach the students an information security technology or concept.

  1. Report or lab procedure document (editable source: .docx, .tex).
  2. Source code and complied version of the tool, lab, demo, simulation, VM, etc.
  3. Presentationslides demonstrating the workings of your project along with any supporting materials leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, handout, etc. (editable source: .pptx)

Honeypots:Download, install, configure and use a honeypot such as Valhala, Modern Honey Network (MHN) and HoneyD.
You might be required to deliver (up to 15 minutes/slides) in-class presentation about your work. The presentations will be scheduled randomly starting the day of submission.

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Information Security Technologies
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