Informatics project topic : Automated/wireless vital sign documentation


The point of this contrivance is to ponder the collision of nursing informatics on a clarified workplace course. You will identify a course coercion proficiency, ponder appearance to maintenance your course, create a workflow map and educe a cunning coercion germinative implementation.Identify a course that could be enhanced using nursing informatics.

Part 1: Ponder and identify discovery that maintenances your course. Discuss the collision of informatics on your clarified course. Verification media and discovery to maintenance your exculpation.

Summarize 2 – 3 discovery expressions focused on clarified course coercion proficiency.

Part 2: Ponder and identify legal/ethical consequences allied to your theme. Summarize a discovery expression focused on clarified course coercion proficiency. Summarize an expression that relates to an informatics theme in health custody. Discuss an corporeal or germinative ethical/legal consequence allied to the theme. Maintenance the tract with the legislation of ethics/corporeal laws, rules or regulations. Ponder how this consequence relates to your performance and propose actions coercion nurses to befriend with maintaining advice defence.

Part 3: Critique the verification of technology to maintenance appearance grounded custody delivery allied to your course. Educe a cunning grounded on your discovery.


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