Infographic Troubleshooting Guide

1. Create an infographic troubleshooting guide for a problem or process for which you have personal experience or knowledge. Your job is NOT to write instructions. Your job is to identify the common problems or errors users experience, help them to diagnose (identity) the problem and the cause, and offer solutions (or fixes) to help get the user back on track.

2. Tailor your infographic to a specific user. Your audience is a lay person who may be performing a task or completing a process for the first time, but you will need to narrow down this broad group of user for your project.

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Infographic Troubleshooting Guide
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3. Conduct research. You don’t have to be an expert, just knowledgeable. You’ll supplement your own knowledge with research. What type of sources you use is up to you and depends on your topic. Online sources that are freely available to the public are acceptable (and depending on your topic, even encouraged). However, if you feel that academic sources are better suited to your topic and audience, that is totally fine. You may need to practice whatever process you are writing about, you might want to do some basic internet research, and you might want to talk to other people who know this process or struggle with this process to help you write your guide.

4. Create an accessible version as an MS Word document using good document design.

5. If you need to use images in your project, you must either use your own (recommended) or find non-copyrighted images on a website that offers a fair use or common license.


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