Influential Artist


Research an influential artist and present how his or her work impacts and influences the world.

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Influential Artist
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Select a contemporary artist from the choices below you want to learn more about. In this assignment, you have the choice to showcase them in an essay

BanksyDamien HirstYayoi KusamaVic MunizAndy WarholTakashi MurakamiJeff KoonsGerhard RichterMarina AbramovicEd RuschaFrank StellaCindy Sherman

Additional Resources:

2017 Influential Artists  •  The Art Story  •  Museum of Contemporary Art  •   The Broad


Step 1. Choose the medium to showcase your chosen artist using the questions below as your guide to writing the content. Choose a 500 word essay

  • Where is the artist from?
  • What does he or she make?
  • How would you describe the artist’s work?
  • Is the artist’s work similar to or different from that of other artists? Explain!
  • What do you perceive to be the artist’s motivation and inspiration?
  • Which are the artist’s most significant works? 
  • What movement or school of art might the artist be categorized under?
  • Identify achievements, events, and milestones for which the artist is known.

Step 2. Choose 3 or more images from the artist’s work to include that support your content.  Include information about the artwork (artist, title, date, dimensions, medium, current location) with the image in your project.

Step 3. Assemble your project.

Step 4. Source Citations List:  On a separate page, slide, or frame at the end of your project, list all of your sources in alphabetical order. Include the article title, author, date, and website URL or publisher.


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