Inequality And Violent Crime



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Inequality And Violent Crime
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No abstract is needed. If cited in other sources in the final paper, please cite those sources and provide a reference list in APA format (Click this LINK, title page and reference are not counted in the four pages.

Please read the attached paper, entitled “Inequality And Violent Crime, ” and answer the following questions/statements.

Your responses must be in paragraph form and fitted within the context as an essay.

  1. What are the main arguments made by the authors AND how does this paper shed light on this topic?
  2. What factors did researchers find they may have joined impacts on violent crimes other than economic inequality?
  3. The authors discussed Esteban and Ray’s arguments on inequality measures (pages 19-21). What are the arguments and how do the arguments contribute to the research’s procedure? (you may leave out those statistics that you find difficult to understand if you have not taken the Research Methods course. You should pay attention to what the arguments in the context the authors stressed.)
  4. What two theories (learned from the textbook ONLY) do you think can best explain the research findings presented in the research? How those concepts and terms introduced in the selected two theories should be carefully applied in the explanations of the criminal acts. (Please make sure you read the whole paper before answering this question.)
  5. What sociological terms or perspectives are best reflected from the explanations of those two theories? (Please think of at least two of them and elaborate your explanations.)
  6. Is there any weakness in the application of each selected theory?
  7. Is there anything that you would comment or revise those theories, so they can better explain the presented research findings?
  8. Your CRITICAL comments, opinions, etc.


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