Industry Comments on Proposed Cyber Standards

In this step, you should continue to explore the scenarios within the SIMTRAY, “Adius: Find Your Way in Three Days.” If you have not already, you will most likely encounter the following topics in this exercise: cybersecurity policies, countermeasures, SQL injection, digital evidence, cyberattacks and cyberthreats, mobile technologies, outsourcing – security threats, cloud computing, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). Document events that you experience in the exercise that might affect the following industries:


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Industry Comments on Proposed Cyber Standards
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  • health care
  • finance
  • telecommunications
  • automotive
  • retail

Think about how these issues will be affected by the proposed regulation and begin to explore how you might be able to influence agencies to formulate appropriate standards favorable to a particular industry.

The SIMTRAY will provide you with scores to give you a sense of how well you are grasping the concepts. The sections are timed for 30 minutes; however, you can run the SIMTRAY as many times as you need. Compile your recorded scores, lessons learned, and documented industry issues into a one-page report.


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