Indus Valley Civilization


Essay Question (8 points)

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Indus Valley Civilization
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  • Define: bitumen
  • Define: citadel


  • What time period and where was the Indus Valley Civilization?
  • How does the Indus Civilization differ in comparison with other early civilizations?
  • What themes are not used in Indus art that is generally seen in other art from Egypt and Mesopotamia?
  • How were cities in the Indus Valley laid out?
  • How were buildings designed? What materials were these buildings made with?
  • What was innovative in relation to sewer systems as well as agriculture?
  • How was The Great Bath designed?
  • What materials were used to make it?
  • What purpose did The Great Bath serve?
  • How did this structure relate to Hinduism?


Essay Question (8 points)


  • Who was Ashoka?
  • Describe in your own words the lion capital from Sarnath.
  • Why is Sarnath significant in relation to the Buddha?
  • What were the decorative elements of this capital that were related to Hindu cosmology?
  • What did the lotus represent?
  • What were the four animals on the abacus symbolize?
  • What did the four wheels represent?
  • The four lions once supported a large wheel, what is that a reference to?


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