Individualizing the Curriculum

Chapter 15 addresses individualizing the curriculum and provides examples of adaptive approaches to curriculum. You will select two and create a proposal via Powerpoint to present to the school board to adopt two adaptations. Download the instructions and submit your assignment here.

Chapter 15 addresses individualizing the curriculum. There are four ways to differentiate instruction: content, process, product, and/or learning environment. The chapter discusses multiple examples such as use of elective courses, curriculum tracking, minicourses, open classrooms, self-paced instruction,
personalized learning, the Adaptive Learning Environments Model, cooperative learning models, mastery learning, adaptive programs for gifted, parallel curriculum for gifted, compacting, discovery method, acceleration, special curricula, early interventions, etc. Choose two that could be used to
improve the learning experiences at your school site. Briefly describe each method. Determine if each of those are differentiation in content, process, product, or learning environment. Why did you choose these two particular methods? Visit and consult with a district or building administrator and discuss how might each affect the culture, schedule, needed resources, facilities, faculty needs, budget, etc. and
ultimately improve the curriculum. Basically, what would it take to implement each method? How would each fit into or support the school’s mission, vision, goals and/or values? You will develop a Powerpoint to present to the school board as a proposal to implement the chosen curriculum adaptations.

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Individualizing the Curriculum
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