Individual Values, Perceptions, and Reactions

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Consider the fundamentals of Chapter 4 Individual Values, Perceptions, and Reactions. Answer the questions on course concepts listed below. Read Case Study “What to Do When the Boss Releases His Inner Toddler” on pages 146-147. Answer questions 1, 3, 4, and 5 (not in the text).

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Individual Values, Perceptions, and Reactions
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Written responses must be typed, size 12 font, double spaced, question-answer format, and written in proper English in complete sentences. For each question, answer approximately 4-5 sentences (one paragraph), sufficiently to demonstrate understanding. Apply the course concepts described in Chapter 3 to answering the questions below.

(Total assignment length: 3-4 pages)

COURSE CONCEPT QUESTIONS (30 points in total; points per question as indicated)

1) Describe the three components of attitudes and describe how these components interact to

create attitude. (5 points)

2) What is cognitive dissonance? How does cognitive dissonance influence attitudes? Describe

two approaches an employee might take to deal with cognitive dissonance (4 points)

3) What are the three types of organizational commitment? How would each of these types of

commitment influence employee motivation, performance, and retention? (6 points)

4) What are values? Distinguish (describe the differences) between terminal values and

instrumental values and give two examples of each. (4 points)

5) How does perception affect behavior? Discuss how selective perception and stereotyping can impact organizational effectiveness. (5 points)

6) What is attribution? Describe the attribution process. Describe a situation in which you or someone you know experienced self-handicapping? As a manager, what would you do to help an employee to overcome the negative impacts of self-handicapping? (6 points)

Case Study “What to Do When the Boss Releases His Inner Toddler” on pages 146-147 and

answer questions 1, 3, 4, and 5 (not in the text). (20 points in total; points per question as


Case question 1: According to some experts, the sort of behavior recorded here is more prevalent in the business world than in the rest of society. Assuming that this is true, why do you suppose that’s the case? (4 points)

Case question 3: How might attitudes, values, and perceptions affect the behaviors illustrated in the case? Discuss each of these within the context of the case facts; use case facts to support your answer. (6 points)

Case Question 4: How would stress come into play? (4 points)

Case Question 5 (not in the text): Have you ever had a supervisor who exhibited some of the patterns of behavior described in the case? If, yes, discuss how you managed the situation. If no, imagine that you have a supervisor who behaves like a toddler and describe what you would do to manage the situation, based on your own personality traits. (6 points)


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