Individual Reflective Report

During your Advance Practice you will have developed a number of skills and will have experienced a number of emotions. This component gives you the opportunity to reflect, analyse and propose future actions as a result of your experiences during this module in order to enhance your ability to become a reflective practitioner.

The Individual Reflective Report must demonstrate a critical and analytic thought process, a clear line of argument, and the use of evidence through examples of personal experiences, thoughts, and possibly theoretical literature. It must also contain the following 4 Rs of Reflective Writing:

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Individual Reflective Report
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· Reporting and Responding – Describe your experience, report what happened. Why is it relevant? Respond to your experiences with observations or expressing your opinion

· Relating – Draw a relationship between your experiences during the project and past experiences or modules/concepts/theories. Make a connection between how your skills, past professional experiences or discipline knowledge helped you during the project. Did you have the skills and knowledge to deal with task?

· Reasoning – Rationalise your experiences and make sense of the experiences through theory, ethical, social or political factors.

Reconstructing – Develop a plan to change your future actions/behaviours and to develop gaps in your skills. How would I deal with this next time?


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