“Indian Removal”

After reading the three pieces on Native Americans, Andrew Jackson’s speech on “Indian Removal,” “Indian Removal Act of 1830,” and “Trail of Tears and Blessings,” answer the following three questions. There is one question from each reading.


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“Indian Removal”
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  1. What, in the wording of Jackson’s speech on the “Indian Removal Act” strikes you as ironic? Consider the language he uses in trying to impress what he calls an act of “benevolence” to validate the removal of these native peoples and how it contradicts what America was founded on and/or how he justifies the relocation as an “improvement” of life for them. Respond to something specific in what Jackson argues.
  2. Raise a question – and offer an answer – as to the “real” or “clever” intent behind any particular Section of the Indian Removal Act. In other words, what do you think the Section really means in terms of what it provides for the Indians and/or what authority it gives to the President?
  3. While we may, or may not, agree with what Elias Boudinot said to John Dwyer about why it was best for the Indians to move West and adhere to The Indian Removal Act initiated by President Jackson, what was Boudinot’s rationale about why he thought the move was a good idea?

You don’t need to rewrite the questions when you submit, just give the number that corresponds to the question next to each response.

Here is the third article:https://history.state.gov/milestones/1830-1860/indian-treaties


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