Indian Cuisine

Descriptive Essay Topic

The topic for my descriptive essay is Indian Cuisine.

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Indian Cuisine
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I love spicy food. Every time I think of Indian Cuisine I think of spicy hot food. There is also the idea of the variety of food offered in Indian cuisine. There is a lot of things that I like about the Indian cuisine. To begin with the food is spicy yet it is not spicy. The food feels spicy hot when eating but it does not have a lot of spices. The most impressing thing about the food is that it is sweet yet sour. There is a lot of things that I like about the Indian cuisine, Roti, unleavened bread, spicy food, street food, healthy sugar and many more. It is hard to make an entire list. Then, there is one thing that I dislike about the Indian food, the fat. Some Indian cuisines have a lot of fat and I think fat is not good, not only for health but also for skin, it causes breakout on the face. I like Indian cuisine because it makes me feel amazing, its superb, the best meal I have ever tasted.


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