Increase in Cloud Services and Cloud Security

In a research study, “a multilayer secure biomedical data management system for managing a very large number of diverse personal health devices is proposed”.

The system is integrated in the sense that both a Personal Healthcare Device (PHD) communication system and a remote PHD management system work together as a single system. Finally, the system proposed in this paper provides user/message authentication processes to securely transmit biomedical data measured by PHDs based on the concept of a biomedical signature.

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Increase in Cloud Services and Cloud Security
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In addition, blockchain is an emerging technology used in healthcare. It is a cloud-managed platform that aides in the preservation and exchange of patients’ data between hospitals, physicians, laboratories and pharmacies. “According to the literature, blockchain technology is mostly utilized for data management operations in healthcare and Internet of Things (IoT), specifically to improve data security, which includes data integrity, access control, and privacy preservation”

As a result, medical providers have a one stop shop to go for all patients’ needs, thereby, facilitating their jobs. Imagine an app that connects all medical and service providers for patients; a patient requests a nursing visit on the app, the nurse visits the patient and then uses the same app to write a prescription order and sends to the doctor for verification and approval, the doctor approves the order on the same app. Once approved, the pharmacy receives the order, processes it and then delivers it to the patient. This is a short scenario of how cloud services benefit the healthcare industry. This has reduced the wait time for patients and increased reaction time for healthcare providers. It also helps to properly store patient procedures and provide a chain of documentation and proof that the care plan is being executed as it should.


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