In-N-Out Burger

Prepare a Paper from information gained by reading the book, In-N-Out Burger, by Stacy Perman that addresses the questions below.

Items to be included in Paper:

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In-N-Out Burger
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  1. What was Harry and Esther Snyder’s Mission (or purpose) for In-N-Out Burger? A Mission Statement should answer the following questions:  Who is being satisfied (customers)? What customer needs are being met (needs)? How are customer needs being satisfied (by what product or service)?
  2. What were the Snyder’s Major Goals for the business? What things were the Snyder’s trying to accomplish with the business.
  3. What conditions existed in the General External Environment at the time Harry and Esther started the business that contributed to the success of In-N-Out Burger? Analyze each of the six categories of the General External Environment (demographics, economics, social/cultural, technological, global, and political/legal) and give specific examples for each significant trend and explain how it affected the business.
  4. Who were the major Competitors of In-N-Out Burger? Why do you consider them competitors?
  5. What is it about In-N-Out Burger that Differentiates or sets them apart from their competirors? (How are they different?) Give examples.
  6. Describe In-N-Out Burger’s Employee Recognition and Reward System, and explain how it supports the company’s mission and goals. Give examples.
  7. What was the Snyder’s view on Social Responsibility? Who did they feel socially responsible to? What actions did they take to support their beliefs? Give examples.
  8. What was In-N-Out Burger’s Strategy for Growth? How does their growth strategy compare with the growth strategy of their other competitors? Explain.
  9. How would you define In-N-Out Burger’s overall Business Strategy? Are they a low-cost provider, a differentiator, a focused company, or are do they use a combination strategy? Explain with facts and examples.
  10. What major factors contributed to the Success of In-N-Out Burger? What actions, practices, and policies?
  11. Identify several key points you learned About Strategic Management from reading the book and writing the paper.

The paper is to follow the Guidelines for written assignments and APA writing style format.  See sample APA format paper posted on Blackboard under the Course Materials tab.
This paper does not require additional outside references but does require a reference page with the In-N-Out Burger book as a reference as well as the course textbook.

The length of the paper should be from 5-7 pages double-spaced, not including the cover page, abstract, or reference page.

The paper should have the following content sections (with section headings): COVER PAGE, ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION (clearly stating the purpose of the paper and what will be included), BACKGROUND, ANALYSIS SECTIONS (In-N-Out Burger background, Mission of In-N-Out Burger, Major goals of In-N-Out Burger, General Environmental Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Employee Recognition and Rewards, Social Responsibility, Growth Strategy, Overall Business Strategy, and Keys to Success), SUMMARY and CONCLUSIONS, and LEARNED ABOUT STRATEGY.


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