Importance of Sleep

Attention Getter: Sleep is an altered state of consciousness where we one has limited interactions with our surroundings and is relatively quiet and still, however, our brain is active in the state of sleep carrying out critical functions. We have always been told that sleep is an essential activity that impacts physical, mental, and psychological functioning that are critical for the following day’s activity and the overall health and well-being of an individual. Most researchers have accommodated significant articulation on critical issues in a good sleep that accommodate time, quality health outcomes of sleep as critical to the physical, mental, and well-being of an individual. Sleep is crucial for every part of the body and critical to children as their bodies and minds develop. Noteworthy, children without good sleep can be associated with difficult behaviors, lower capacity to learn and retain information, and a propensity for poor eating patterns and weight gain.

Reasons for Listening: The fundamental benefits of having a good and enough sleep such as maintaining physical, mental, and biological well-being are not only research-based but apply to me and you. Specifically, benefits such as improved concentration and productivity, affecting sugar metabolism and type 2 diabetes risks, management of depression, healthy immune system, effective social and emotional interactions, and maintaining and losing body weight are all physical, mental, and psychological benefits that you need to understanding on good sleep.

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 Importance of Sleep
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