Implementation Of Emergency Management Standards

Write an essay (1,000-1,250 words) on the role of standards in emergency management. Consider the creation of the NFPA 1600 standards and the various applications within the emergency management field and beyond.

Within your paper, address the following components:

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Implementation Of Emergency Management Standards
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1. Explain the creation of the NFPA 1600 standards and their importance in emergency management.

2. Evaluate the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) standards and explain the advantages of these standards.

3. Explain the impact that best practices from the emergency management industry have on the common law adoptions.

4. What roles do standards play in helping to establish a professional approach to emergency management and business continuity, especially within the scope of decreasing negligence?

5. Many emergency managers have limited resources or are a one-person or part-time department; some emergency managers might argue that following standards like NFPA 1600 may not be attainable. How would you respond to that type of thinking?

6. How do you see standards changing long term as the emergency management profession matures?


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