Implement participation and engagement strategies


Activity 1

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Implement participation and engagement strategies
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  1. Explain what a community is (in terms of work-related activities). (100 words)
  2. You have moved to a new area and will be working with a new community of people. How would you find out about individual and group priorities of the community? (100 words)
  3. Provide three examples of questions you might ask in a survey to identify the individual and group priorities of the community

Activity 2

  1. What are values? Provide two examples that might be held by community groups or by individuals in the community
  2.  Why is it vital that service providers identify and accommodate community values and cultural norms when providing services? (100–150 words
  3. The community you work in has a large Muslim population. You have been asked to identify the values and structures of this group. How and why would you do this? (75 words
  4. How should you approach or treat individual or groups from specific communities when communicating with them? (100–250 words

Activity 3

  1.  A colleague is working with a cultural group whose values are different to their own. This colleague tells you that they do not agree with the group’s values and therefore refuse to provide services to them. What would you say to your colleague about the need to accept the values of the group to work with them in ways that will maximise outcomes for individuals and groups? (100–150 words)
  2. Provide five examples of priorities or issues that a specific community might have. Do not limit your response to those listed in the text (100 words)

Activity 4

  1. Where can you find information about your job role? (100 words
  2. Why is it important to use effective communication and good interpersonal skills to build relationships with other community service providers? (40–80 words

Activity 5

  1. Why should feedback be gathered to evaluate work carried out in consultation with relevant community stakeholders? (75 words)
  2. Design a survey/ questionnaire with at least 10 questions that might be used to evaluate work carried out in consultation with relevant community stakeholders, and to monitor work within communities to ensure reflection of relevant values and structures.
  3. How would you ensure that your questionnaire is designed in a way that allows an evaluation to be undertaken in a manner that ensures responsiveness to community needs, priorities and issues? (25–75 words

Summative 1.

Question 1

What is meant by the term multicultural and by the statement that not everyone in a community will have the same values? (100–150 words

Question 2

Explain the concept of socialisation theory. (75 words

Question 3

Why is it necessary to identify the values and structures of a community and to demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills when doing this? (75–100 words

Question 4

Identify the service providers with whom you might need to develop networks so that you can meet community members’ needs. (50–75 words)

Question 5

What engagement strategies can be used to include individuals or groups from diverse cultures? (100–200 words

Question 6

What is family power? (180 words

Question 7

Explain what is meant by social deviance. (20–50 words)

Question 8

What is a social identity and how does it impact on membership in a social group? (75–100 words

Summative 2

Project 1

Carry out a study of the community you work in/ live in. Include your sources of information.

In 1,000–2,500 words write a detailed report that explains:

◦the type of community, its demographics and the existences of any community groups

◦the prevailing community values, beliefs and expectations

◦the methods you would use to ensure that you understand and accommodate these values and expectations

◦any priorities or issues that might impact on community service work and relationships between community groups/ individuals and community service workers

◦any social, political, cultural, historical and health issues that are of particular importance in the community

◦methods used to monitor and evaluate community interactions

◦actions that might be taken as a result of community feedback

◦how certain theories apply to or are relevant to the community (eg identity theories, family power theories, socialisation theory and social deviance

Words – 4000


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