Impacts of Colonization

General Overview: This research project will examine the impact of exploration, movement, and colonization in the Atlantic world from a social, economic, technological, and/or political perspective.  One aspect of the impact should be evaluated and traced over at least a century of activity.  In conclusion, this research project will analyze the remnant of that impact that can still be evidenced today in the Americas, Africa, Caribbean, and/or Europe.

Examples: The development of new international law in relation to discoveries of European nations; The environmental or cultural impact of European or American commodities moved across the Atlantic (potatoes, sugar, grain crops, etc); The migration of different groups in the New World in specific places of settlement and their cultural legacy (which can include voluntary and involuntary migrants, ie: slaves, colonizers from differing nations, etc).

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Impacts of Colonization
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Research Objectives & Questions to be Discussed in Your Essay:

· What were the short- and long-term effects of the impact on various groups of people affected by your chosen topic?

· How did groups of people and/or societies behave prior to the impact?

· How were people and/or societies benefited and harmed by the impact (negative and positive outcomes)

· What are evidences of the legacy of this impact that can still be seen today?

· How do you feel is the best way we can both acknowledge/honor the history of these colonial impacts in our modern society?


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