Impact of Substance Abuse on Varying Levels

Communities throughout the United States experience the negative impact of substance abuse on varying levels. A vast number of the nation’s top public health and social concerns are attributed to drug or alcohol dependency. How have drugs and alcohol impacted your community? What are the solutions for these problems?

Respond to the above statements based on your readings and personal experiences.

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Impact of Substance Abuse on Varying Levels
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Note: If you cannot find data associated to your community, you can use the data related to your county or state.

Upload your Assignment as a Word document, 500 words, APA format.



In this discussion, you will draw on your your knowledge of eukaryotes by researching a specific microbe and describing information to your peers.


  1. Initial post: Minimum 200 words
    Find a recent (< 5 years old) news article involving a eukaryotic microbe and post a link to the article.
    Summarize the story, including what microbe was discussed, its features, and the main facts of the article.



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