Impact of Geographical Location on Gender Equality

Gender inequality is not evenly distributed around the world. Some regions have moved closer to attaining millennium development goal number III of gender equality promotion and empowering women relative to others (World Bank, 2011).


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Impact of Geographical Location on Gender Equality
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A look at the inequality distribution across the globe gives a clear indication that the western jurisdiction has championed for gender equality by countering the violation of the rights of women through the enactment of stringent laws and regulations for offenses related to women, girls, and children (Beghini and Umberto, 2019).


However, in regions that practice Islamic religion, more so the Middle East and the Northern part of Africa there are high incidences of male dominance brought about by perceptions that the progress of women is a western concept, a belief that is given high priority in the sharia laws that govern these Islamic regions (Nadeau and Rayamajhi, 2019).


This prevents women and girls from participating in some activities believe to be preserved for their male counterparts creating a male-dominated society.


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