Identifying a Population

Developing the research topic required identifying a population. Identifying and defining the population, along with sampling the population, will be the focus of this assessment. Defining the population tends to be general, as it relates to the research topic. For example, if the researcher is interested in studying a population with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), the researcher will need to define this population: all people who have had a mild TBI. A sample is a specific group of the general population that is accessible to the researcher. It should also connect to the research topic—for example, male college athletes who play football at state schools across the United States.

Sampling design is needed to identify how the sample will be accessed. The type of sampling reveals how the sample will be selected. Page 150 of the Creswell text provides definitions and descriptions of the population, sampling design, and types of sampling. The population and sample must be addressed in the concept paper under the methodology. Use scholarly literature to define and describe the population. Identify the sampling design and type of sampling. Explain why this sampling approach is fitting.

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Identifying a Population
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