Identify the Claim… use this link and follow the directions please…

Then answer all of the prompts using at least 4-5 sentences for each prompt in APA format with proper in-text citations. DO NOT copy and paste from your article. DO NOT use direct quotes. DO NOT copy and paste the prompts as part of your answers. All content must be in your own words (summarize/paraphrase and then cite).

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Identify the Claim
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Identify the claim the researchers or journalists are making. As part of identifying the claim, include how the researchers have operationally defined the concepts they are studying. For example, how do researchers define a “healthy” relationship? Think about different ways that the same concepts could be defined and measured, and how those differences might affect research findings.

Evaluate the evidence that is cited to support the claim. What are the pros and cons of the study as presented in the news source? The pros could include that university scientists were involved, and the study was peer reviewed. The cons could include that there were just seven participants, with no random assignment and no control group. Make sure to elaborate!

Consider alternative explanations for the finding. What are some other reasons for the findings? What are some factors that may have unintentionally affected the study?

Consider the source of the research or claim. Where in the news story does it indicate that it’s based on research. Include names and institutions of researchers and a mention of a published study. Discuss the flaws of sources that don’t point to science, and may instead be trying to sell something or support an argument that is not evidence based.


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